The Countdown to Cataclysm

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So here I am staring at my fridge…that’s right, the expansion is mere hours away and I’m not healing, running dungeons or grabbing as many dailies as I can…I am slowly and carefully evaluating my fridge. Much like my bank, it’s filled with stuff that’s good but not exactly useful for the intense gaming situation that will soon be upon me. For some reason, I have Ragnaros’ voice in my head booming “Too soon Executus! Too soon!” And heck, Rags is right – the expansion will land here soon enough, and I better get prepared for it. Here are a few things on my list…

Let’s start with the food because let’s face it, even if you’re not one to do the 80-85 lap in one breath, you’re still going to be on a marathon of gaming. Short term sugar highs and crashes, super cheesy stuff and salty foods tend to be great for short-term but don’t work so great in the long run. My list of awesome game food looks something like this:


  • For snacks, my favourite is always hummus and pita chips! Very filling, zero prep time and easy to snack on. 
  • Close second are carrot sticks and fresh celery. Yes, these are somewhat unorthodox game foods, but they will serve you well in providing some good long lasting energy without a bad hangover. 
  • Cookies and milk! Too much salty stuff is a no-no so balance it out with a sweet alternative. I personally can’t stand to drink plain milk, so I’ll be stocking up on the seasonal special Soy Milk Eggnog =P


  • Frozen pizza that’s light on the cheese and heavy on the sauce. Perfect because it cooks while you’re taking that flight path or visiting your trainer. Easy, mess-free meal. 
  • Veggie Burgers – super easy to make and they pack a punch without making you feel unduly heavy and sleepy – the more veggies, the better!
  • Speaking of veggies, nothing like a quick and easy stir fry to cook up – it doesn’t take long and its great for energy.


  • Soda, soda, soda. I’m stocking up on my favourite kind of soda with a couple of extra choices, so I’m not sick of drinking rootbeer for 15 hours or more!
  • Coffee is your friend but drink it wisely and in moderation or else you’ll be writhing in acidity pains instead of completing that awesome quest. Coffee sometimes has the opposite effect on me and makes me sleepy >.< So I better be careful with it! 
  • Milk, Soy milk or anything similar is nice to balance out the other drinks with. Helps when you want a more cool and calming drink.
  • I’m not really one for juice so much, but I will admittedly be keeping a bit of Orange/Apple Juice handy just for a change if I want it, if nothing else.

Wrapping up loose-ends in-game: 

  • Cleaning out bags and the bank go a long way, and there’s always the advantage of starting out with a clean slate. Today, I hit a record of having 72 free bag slots…probably the only time I’ll ever be seeing something like that!
  • Clearing out the quest log helps too so you don’t have to see the aggravating message of “your quest log is full”.
  • Hyjal or Vash’jir? As a druid I’ll be spending my early levelling in Mount Hyjal – a place I’ve longed to see since my days of questing in Winterspring. 

Well, that’s my list! I’m looking forward to hitting the road again and to paraphrase a quote from Cars, I’ll be there to have a great time rather than to make great time. Enjoy the new world and  as you journey to 85, and be sure to catch some of the wonderful sights along the way! =)


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