Farewell Old World!

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This is it. The Shattering is upon us. I had my final attempt at the mounts in Zul’Gurub the other day and well, it was fun! =) I’m incredibly excited to roll the new class/race combinations and can’t wait to dive into the thousands of new quests which await! I sense a second Loremaster in the making. That said, I’m taking one last look at the familiar world with its obscure quests and expansive zones that I have come to love. The zones I shall miss the most are the ones I “grew up” in, which felt like home to me. So here’s my farewell to you “old world” Azeroth…

Walking through the forests of Ashenvale one last time before the destruction begins.

A view of Auberdine, familiar and tranquil – one of my favourite places to quest.
The Shatterspear trolls – only viewable from the flight from Moonglade to Teldrassil. I wondered about them ever since level 10, when I first flew over their village. These trolls will soon disappear.
Dream Bough in Feralas – one of the four places where the Nightmare Dragons sometimes appear. They have, however, left this world for good now. Way back, I was endlessly curious about those strange dragonkin with ?? above their heads.
This little whelp became my companion by pure chance and good fortune. I was there for less than an hour, and lo and behold, there he was! Thank you, Ysera. I’m not sure he will be obtainable after the Shattering, so for now, he is my little reminder of the world I’m leaving behind.

Well there you have it. I was rather surprised at the places and things that came to mind for me as I recalled my old world experiences. No more endless trips to Blackrock Mountain, no more searching for that darned Satyr Horn…and hopefully, Zenn Foulhoof’s trickery is at its end. Goodbye old world Azeroth, and thank you for the fun and laughter.

To the new shattered world that awaits, I have but two words: Bring it!

PS: To those of you who owe me muffins from the last post on the shattering – I haven’t forgotten. Infact, now would be a perfect time for me to munch on those muffins as I contemplate my new characters… =)


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