The Shattering: Whats your guess on 4.0.3a?


He’s coming! And to be honest, he does look a bit scary.  It’s anyone’s guess as to when this monster will hit our beloved Azeroth and burn everything to ashes. With Patch 4.0.3a going live on the Public Test Realms, it seems as though the ominous time is closer than ever!

The looming question: is it going to be on the 23rd of November before Thanksgiving or on the 30th, after the feast?

There are good arguments for both dates. The 30th makes sense so Blizzard employees  can take a breather for Thanksgiving, although the 23rd seems equally likely since it is WoW’s 6th anniversary of its original launch and having two weeks to iron out bugs before the expansion makes sense.

I’m going to go ahead and put my muffins on the 23rd. Thats right, I gamble with baked goods and this time it happens to be those of the Banana Nut kind.  I’m boldly willing to put my muffins on the line because I feel it is impossible to overlook the kind of poetry or irony (depending on how you look at it) that the world will be forever changed on the one day that WoW actually came into existence. Ofcourse this means I have maybe two shots at the Zulian Tiger left, and honestly, an extra week and a couple more tries wouldn’t hurt! But my muffins are the 23rd, nevertheless. What about you?


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