Cataclysm Launch Event: Elementals Incoming!

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My previous snapshots barely got posted up before more chaos began to unfold. You know what they say…the calm before the storm? Well, my previous snapshots were definitely the calm…and this is definitely the storm! The elementals struck with great fury and power…they definitely want the city destroyed!

The sky went dark and it grew chilly. The attacks slowly began and amidst the chaos orders were given to evacuate the city. Frightened citizens screamed to be let out of the city.
The elemental attack in full force. This is but a fraction of the chaos that befell capital cities. 

Closing the rifts, securing each area of the city (all while freeing trapped citizens and preventing flooding) and pretty much successfully fending off the attacks gives rise to certain portals. WoWhead has an in-depth guide on the mechanics of this here. While those portals are active, one can queue for the special bosses via the Dungeon Finder. The Bosses are: Crown Princess Theredras, Grand Ambassador Flamelash, Kai’ju Gahz’rilla and Prince Sarsaun – all in all very fun to fight and drop some yummy ilvl251 loot. Time to polish your sword and defend your home city against the elementals!


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