Roleplaying Outfits: Kilts and Sarongs

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If there was ever a niche in outfits, I’d say Kilts and Sarongs would be it for my druidic side. I love robes and I still swoon over tier sets…but the sheer creativity in putting together a perfect outfit from seemingly unrelated parts is a whole different canvas. I suppose it began on my numerous trips to Zul’ Gurub – one of the most beautiful areas in the game. While my warrior partner in crime hoped for the Zulian Tiger mount among other things, I was starry eyed over the Bloodtinged Kilt and Will of Arlokk that we chanced upon. Days followed, and one bored evening I found myself in Shattrath browsing the vendors when it suddenly hit me that Justice points could now easily be used to buy some very cool looking kilts. Once I had a kilt, it was almost like solving a puzzle to find the perfect matching tunic and weapon. Do I sound obssessed yet? I should, for I began thinking about these while sipping coffee and writing my Kanji.

I’ve put together here a few of my favourite completed outfits. The sunny beaches of Stranglethorn Vale and the lush city of Zul’ Gurub serve as my photographic inspiration for this project.

 An outfit marked by a deep green with touches of red and brown. The chest is Shroud of Nature’s Harmony with matching Oakleaf-spun Handguards. The kilt is a northrend Giant-friend Kilt and requires revered reputation with Sons of Hodir. The weapon, Will of Arlokk, is from Zul’Gurub’s High Priestess Arlokk. In particular, the detail of the vest ranks this outfit as one of my favourites

This is another variation of the same outfit. For a less rugged look, I skipped the gloves and added Sawbones Shirt. It added a dressed-up feel and brought out the red a bit more. Don’t miss the temple in the background! =)
This one features the Grovewalker’s Leggings, very earthy with a somewhat furry look, and looks the same as Clefthoof-hide Leggings. It is a very flexible kilt as you can match it a lot of tunics depending on the look you’re going for, such as Ancestral Tunic or Tracker’s Tunic. I went with the Archer’s Jerkin, complemented by the brown and green of Staff of Trickery.
I also like to pair it up with the Ironfeather Breastplate occasionally. The Sylvan Vest also goes remarkably well with these leggings – unfortunately, I haven’t found a tailor with the vanilla recipe yet.
Here, I’ve matched up Forestwalker Kilt which is a recoloured version of the Feralheart Kilt. I’m wearing Green Whelp Armour to add a bit of texture and the staff is Scepter of Celebras, one of the many things I kept while pursuing Loremaster. I used the rod here in the interests of using what I already have and saving myself precious bank space. An alternative look-alike is the Battle Staff.
I wonder if I took this more for the temple than the actual outfit! Here I’ve swapped in Willow Vest for a simple look. Staff of Trickery makes yet another appearance.
Earthy colours are lovely and all, but sometimes a girl just feels like wearing some red. In those times, I would recommend Bloodtinged Kilt from Bloodlord Mandokir in Zul’Gurub. I usually wear it with the Battered Leather Harness, which is sold only by Horde vendors mind you, and a Black Swashbuckler’s Shirt underneath. The weapon is actually a polearm, Terokk’s Quill, another remnant of my Loremaster escapades. The headpiece is Tourmaline Crown – a fun piece with rocks swirling above your head. It made me laugh so it got in the outfit! =P
Another great option with Battered Leather Harness is the Mystic Sarong – easy to obtain and very pretty. Staff of the Redeemer lends its glowy awesomeness to this outfit.
A very troll-esque outfit here, which I call the ‘Hoodoo Set’. The matching pieces are Jinxed Hoodoo Kilt and Jinxed Hoodoo Skin which drop from Shadowpriest Sezz’ziz in Zul’Farrak. That staff is probably very familiar by now – thats right, Will of Arlokk strikes again!
This one’s probably the only blue kilt I own thus far – Kilt of Deific Torment, a quest reward from completing Ursoc the Bear God. It is simply the bottom half of Moonshroud Robe, and goes well with the Glyphed Breastplate. My staff is Blood Boil Lancet, my regular PvE staff =) On other thoughts, I never noticed how larger-than-normal the flora in Zul’Gurub was until this screenshot!
Well, that was quite the list. I hope they provided some great viewing pleasure as well inspiration and ideas. There are many more kilts and sarongs out there that I’m still working on, so this is by no means an exhaustive list. Although, I have a feeling my next post might be on bank space management more than anything else! As always, thanks for reading!

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