Druidic Companions

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They’re with us in a flash when summoned and follow us faithfully wherever we go be it the calming forests of Ashenvale or the deadly frontiers of Northrend. Heck, one of them can give us Kung Fu lessons! I’m referring to the numerous companions and pets we hold dear, who are with us in our battles, our quests and often just enjoy the quiet with us. I am not an avid pet collector — but there are a few companions that hold a special spot in my druidic heart and to me, cover different facets of a druid. Not to mention they make for some great roleplaying! I personally thought the pets from quests were more fun since they had a story behind them. With the upcoming expansion and revamping of many quests and thus quest rewards, its possible they might not be available very soon. My personal favourites:

Sprite Darter Hatchling: This mystical hatchling’s story begins in Feralas. If you are Alliance, the Moonweavers will offer you a quest for this pet. I won’t spoil the storyline for you but I did this while questing for Loremaster and needless to say the story is safely packed away in my book of adventures. Here is a neat guide on the quest line to get you started. If you’re Horde, you won’t have access to the quests and are in for a bit of farming. It drops off the Sprite Darters in the area and has a 1% drop rate according to WarcraftPets. Not as fun as the quests, but hey – atleast you have a chance at getting the pet!

Teldrassil Sproutling: Needs no introduction! This is your very own mini-druid-in-tree-form. Go Resto druids! It’s probably the cutest most adorable pet out there. It sleeps, it swims, and it even does the adorable twist dance! This little sproutling is by my side when I’m healing dungeons and raids…or simply when I sorely miss being a tree. Its an alliance pet and costs 40 Champions Seals at the Argent Tournament. If you’re Horde, hit up the neutral auction house!

Miniwing: Until Miniwing, I paid no attention to pets whatsoever. This simple quest in the Bone Wastes changed all that – and successfully doing this at level 68ish made it seem like an achievement. Not to mention the excitement at getting a gorgeous bird at the end. The quest I’m talking about is Skywing. This bird holds fond memories of questing in the Outland for me, and as a druid…the wind calls to the both of us.

Baby Blizzard Bear: This adorable bear accompanies me when I trudge through frost and snow – recently, that’s meant Winterspring.  Alright, bad news first…this pet is no longer available. Players who logged in during WoW’s 4th anniversary received this pet. If you don’t have this little bear, fear not! The good news is that you can get the Dun Murogh Cub who is just at home in wintery wastelands…err I mean wonderland. Both these bears have the same animations with the Dun Murogh version being a darker bear….or a mini version of Sooty if you’re familiar with the Loch Modan quest.

So here we are with the mystical dragonkin, the restoration sproutling, the awesome bird, and the feral yet fuzzy bear. On that note, what are your favourite companions?

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