Tribute to Tree Form

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So today is the day, and patch 4.0 is upon us. I have to admit as a lovable huggable overpowered tree, I kept up with the one thing that seemed bigger than all the numbers and spells being changed – tree form was going away. To a druid, master shapeshifter and all that jazz, it seemed like my last name was being taken away. After my stomach did a few flips, I thought to myself, “hey, this might not be so bad….when was the last time you saw your armour while you were healing?” Zul’farrak and the Bad Mojo Mask sprung to my mind instantly. And so, I decided, it was indeed time to appreciate good armour outside of roleplaying and on the job.

And then we have today, and despite my previous oh-yeah-I’m-ok-with-no-tree-form attitude, I can’t help but get a wee bit teary eyed to know that I only get a tiny window of time to be the adorable tree. Amidst these bleary eyes, I couldn’t help but remember a story from way back, when I was questing in Azuremyst Isle as part of my mission for Loremaster…and a certain Admiral wanted me to disguise myself as a tree….

Admiral Odysseus: According to the plans, the traitor and the leader of the goblins, Geezle, are to meet at a cove on the western island. I need you to be at that meeting, Melyanna.
Remember the tree and leaves? You’re going to wear them! It’s a perfect disguise.

Go to the cove and look for a naga flag. If the flag is there, it means a meeting is planned. Use the disguise kit when you see the flag and wait. Eventually the traitor will show up. Let the meeting finish then return to me with the identity of the scoundrel.

Melyannna: Well, Admiral, I could just turn into a tree…here, like this.
Melyanna changes into tree form, certain the Admiral would be impressed.
Admiral Odysseus blinks, but says nothing.
Melyanna:No? Very well, we’ll do it your way.

Tree of Life Form, I shall miss you.


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